About Us

VISION: JITO believes in Economic Empowerment and project JITO JOBS will create a common platform for the employer & employees so that employer gets right candidate and vice versa.


MISSION: JITO JOBS is to provide Employment to the unemployed and Enhancement of job potential of all, so as to get the right placements at right time, enabling progress of the Community leading to Economic Empowerment of Society and Nation at large. Become a modern seamless job portal to assist people at remote locations to find suitable jobs / candidates as per their requirements.

OBJECTIVES: Basic objective of JITO JOBS: JITO JOBS is to Bridge the Talent, Potential & Resources!!! JITO JOBS is to facilitate and assist Candidates / Students in obtaining Training and Placements in India and/or Abroad, with companies registered with us and ensure bright future *as per JITO JOBS Scheme.